Begaj at the UN Assembly: Recognize Kosovo's independence
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The President of Albania, Bajram Begaj, at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, asked the countries that have not yet recognized Kosovo's independence to soon recognize Kosovo's contribution to a fairer global community. more peaceful and give our country the recognition it deserves.

Begaj said that rebuilding trust and rekindling global solidarity is more than ever a necessity for reconciliation, understanding and more cooperation, as it is the only way we can face today's common and global challenges, which are not affecting only the present, but they are also endangering the future of generations to come.

 According to him, everything should start by evaluating regions and countries based mostly on their contributions rather than their failures.

Begaj: Both Albania and Kosovo have constantly defended peace over tensions and conflicts


"Both Albania and Kosovo have consistently defended peace over tensions and conflicts, and we remain committed to this path. We hope our contributions are recognized and we don't let the efforts we make be overshadowed by negative attitudes. In this context, Albania supports the ongoing difficult dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia facilitated by the careful mediation of the European Union and the strong support of the United States. At the same time, Albania remains sensitive to the integrity and prosperity of Kosovo", he said.

Begaj emphasized that the rights of Serbs in Kosovo reflect European norms and values, the same should apply to the Albanian minority in the Presheva Valley.

Begaj: Albanians in Serbia seem to have the same rights as Kosovo Serbs


"Kosovo has managed to heal many deep wounds from the tragic past. The rights of Serbs in Kosovo reflect European norms and values, the same should apply to the Albanian minority in the Presheva Valley, in the south of Serbia. Unfortunately, we still remain concerned about the inactiveness of their residential addresses and the lack of significant investment and economic incentives in that region. Kosovo has proven that pain does not need to give rise to enmity; it must translate into understanding and support. However, Kosovo is still waiting for recognition of its independence from many countries. I hope that these countries will soon recognize Kosovo's contribution to a fairer, more peaceful global community and give Kosovo the recognition it deserves. You know the independence of Kosovo", he said.

 He emphasized that the act of unprovoked and unjustified Russian aggression against its neighbor is an absurd and malicious war that has directly and indirectly affected various dimensions of sustainable development, not only for Ukraine and the region, but for the entire globe.

"This senseless war has disrupted international markets, caused economic instability, destroyed infrastructure, including transportation networks and industrial facilities, and diverted attention and resources from addressing common development challenges, and implementing the 2030 Agenda. War on Ukraine has strained regional stability and affected cooperation between countries. It has highlighted geopolitical tensions and strained diplomatic relations, hindering international cooperation on sustainable development initiatives. The widespread effects of war, including displacement, migration and economic and security concerns, as we have seen, can have global consequences that hinder progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)," he said.

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