The postponement of the population census, Krasniqi: The deep incompetence of the Government
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The chairman of the PDK, Memli Krasniqi, has said that the failure of the Government to start the population census, once again confirms the deep incompetence which, according to him, has become synonymous with every action in all sectors of the state.

He wrote on Facebook that the risk is that the population census will not be done at all this year.

"Initially, they postponed this process from last year, meanwhile, now, from September 1 when I had to start, they postponed it again for several months. In fact, the risk is that the population census will not be done at all this year, and Kosovo will be left without legitimate and very important statistics. Despite the false justifications of the Government, there are several reasons, entirely political, why the population census is being postponed. First: The government has lost actual control in the northern part of the country, so it is not able to register citizens there. The second: the mass emigration of Kosovo's citizens, where, only within these two years of this government, about 150 thousand citizens have left the country. The third: the crap that has captured the Statistics Agency of Kosovo, due to political and party interventions in it by the Government", wrote Krasniqi on Facebook.

He further said that the citizens of Kosovo at least deserve an honest explanation from the Government for this new scandal. The population census is vital for the creation of genuine and long-term governing policies and actions, in the service of the state and citizens.

"Therefore, he calls on the Government to stop the destruction of the Kosovo Statistics Agency, through daily political interference and pressure, and to work urgently so that the population census process begins as soon as possible. Without statistics there is no planning. Without planning there is no progress! But, unfortunately, we have a Government that works without a plan and without a program", he writes.
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