Krasniqi: 76.8% of citizens are not satisfied with the political direction of Kosovo
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11 months ago
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The chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi, said that today, in the newest publication of the Public Pulse, carried out by UNDP and financed by USAID, what PDK said repeatedly and loudly recently was proven.

According to him, the citizens of Kosovo are no longer satisfied with the political direction of the country and that this Government, excluding international allies and coordinating with criminals, is not representing their will.

"According to UNDP's Public Pulse, 45.6% of Kosovo's citizens are not at all satisfied with the country's political direction. Meanwhile, while 31.2 preferred to remain neutral, only 23.2% expressed satisfaction in their answers. Once again, this testifies to the urgency of changing the political direction that the country has taken, but which cannot be done without changing the Government", said Krasniqi.

The dangerous path that this Government has put the country on is not the only problem for our citizens: Unemployment, poverty, inflation, high prices of essential products and substandard health services are listed as the top five social problems.

78% of citizens think that employment in public institutions is not based on merit.

"This citizen dissatisfaction, also proven in real consequences for our country, through measures and sanctions from our allies, must be addressed urgently. This can only be done through early elections, which would bring to the country a responsible and credible Government, which, through its actions, would return Kosovo to the right political direction - towards the unalternative Euro-Atlantic integration", he concluded.

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