Konjufca criticizes PDK for not voting for international agreements
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The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca, criticized the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party of Kosovo for, as he said, a lack of correctness for voting on international agreements that were on the agenda. The session was interrupted in the absence of a quorum, while Konjufca stated that he would not invite him at all if he knew that there were not enough numbers for voting.

He said that at the Presidency meeting there was an agreement that on Thursday the deputies would be in the session hall and the international agreements would be voted on.

"We don't have a quorum, but this truth is not correct from the PDK group because in the leadership we have agreed, this work has passed because there were doubts about whether to hold a session on Thursday or not and dilemmas arose, and we were all a word that yes, that there can be a quorum for international agreements, the groups promised to bring as much as possible and the PDK group here at first had all the deputies, then as I see it, due to disagreements, they left", said he.

While Tahiri said that seeing that Kosovo is close to sanctions from the European Union, it does not matter if these agreements are voted on or not.

"We are talking about a great incapacity and collapse, already when we see that we are on the brink of sanctions and measures which the European Commission is warning about Kosovo", he said.

He reiterated the party's position that they will not participate in the voting of these agreements.

On the agenda of the plenary session were the unfinished items from the sessions of April, May and June, among the first were two international agreements for which two-thirds of the votes of the deputies are needed.

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