Five police officers injured by incidents in the north of Kosovo
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Five policemen were injured and four vehicles were damaged by incidents in the north of Kosovo. This is what the Kosovo Police announced, stressing that one of the cars was burnt.

In order to prevent the mayors from entering the municipal facilities, some citizens have gathered in front of the municipal buildings in the north of the country.

In addition to the engaged persons and their vehicles located in the vicinity and near the municipal facilities, the alarms used by the criminal structures for mobilization and gatherings have also been issued in the northern municipalities.

The police have confirmed that the protesters in Zveçan have started to show violence by throwing strong tools and grenades at the police.

"Protesters in Zveçan after some time have started to show violence, insult and throw various strong tools and explosives towards the Police and official vehicles, causing direct danger and slight bodily injuries so far to five (5 ) police officials who then returned to their police duties", the Police announced.

The communiqué states that the relevant police units in self-defense were forced to react and use legal means such as tear gas.otswater, to disperse the crowd as well as to enable the mayors to enter the facilities.

"Also, material damage was caused to four (4) official vehicles, one of them was set on fire. It is suspected that gunshots were also heard in the vicinity, but the exact location is not yet known," the Police announced.

Furthermore, it has been announced that regarding the actions so far, the Police has cooperated and coordinated the actions with the justice bodies, which have described the case as an "Attack Against the Constitutional Order".

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