24 years since the breaking of the Kosovo-Albania border
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The battle of Koshare, on April 9, 1999, as part of the "Arrow" operation, was one of the bloodiest and most heroic of the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The breaking of the border between Kosovo and Albania marked not only a moral victory for the KLA, but it opened the way for the supply of weapons and logistical support to many war zones in the interior of Kosovo.

Attempts to reach an agreement on the withdrawal of Serbian forces from the territory of Kosovo were unsuccessful. Meanwhile, after Rambouillet, the Provisional Government of Kosovo was formed and Serbian military and paramilitary targets were attacked by NATO forces from the North Atlantic Alliance.

From a strategic point of view, the battle of Koshare was of particular importance, not only taking and clearing the border, but also creating a stable rear for logistic support and operations, medical aid, etc.

Breaking the border in Koshare had not only marked a great moral victory, but it had also practically made it possible to supply the war with weapons and ammunition.

The removal of the border between Kosovo and Albania by war also had legal significance in international law. This had made it impossible for Serbian forces to control the territory that had divided a single nation, extinguished violent state influence and claimed territorial integrity.

The battle of Koshare remains one of the successful confrontations of the KLA forces, not only for the balance of those killed by the enemy, but also for the effect this success had on strengthening the trust of the local population in the KLA and allies her. This battle had become a motive for increasing the ranks of volunteers who would join the KLA at the front.

The triumph of fighters from all over Kosovo, united in the 138th Brigade, headed by commander Agim Ramadani, had caused the almost hundred-year-old wall between Kosovo and Albania to collapse.

The battle of Koshare was one of the most powerful links in the unbreakable chain of national history and will always be remembered as such among Albanians. /KosovaPress/

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