A Serb is caught with 107 kilograms of marijuana in Kosovo

A Serb is caught with 107 kilograms of marijuana in Kosovo

The Kosovo Police reports that on Sunday night they seized 107 kilograms of narcotic substances of the marijuana type, which they found in a car with foreign license plates driven by a Serb with the initials M.P.

“The Police of Kosovo, specifically the Directorate for the Investigation of Narcotics Trafficking, on 29.01.2023, at 22:40, in cooperation with the Customs of Kosovo, at the customs terminal, stopped an ‘Iveco’ truck with foreign license plates which it was run by the suspect M.P., (1991), a citizen of Serbia under suspicion of narcotic substance”, the press release states.

It is known that in cooperation with Kosovo Customs officers, modified bunkers were found during the inspection of the two derivatives tanks, where inside there were 101 plastic packages with suspected narcotic substances of the marijuana type.

“The Forensics Unit seized the evidence, where the total weight of the seized narcotics was around 107 kilograms. Also, a mobile phone, a GPS, a tachograph diagram disk, a truck, 95 euros and 2,500 dinars were also seized as evidence”, it is said in the same place.

In consultation with the prosecutor, the suspect was detained for 48 hours, while the case is being processed for further actions, as long as the investigative actions by the relevant directorate continue.

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