A person arrested for beating his wife

A person arrested for beating his wife

The Kosovo Police for the Ferizaj region arrested a person last night, after the same person had committed violence against his wife.

In a press release, it is announced that the violence was caused as a result of an argument.

“The police station in Ferizaj, from the Regional Directorate of Police in Ferizaj, last night around 21:00 received information that, in the village of Ferizaj-Prishtina, there is a case of domestic violence in Ferizaj. In this regard, the police took the necessary actions and immediately went to the scene and arrested the suspect with the initials L.M (M/K) aged 31, who due to a dispute had exercised physical violence against to his wife with the initials XH.M (F/K) aged 33”, the communiqué states.

By decision of the Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj, the arrested person was sent to custody for 48 hours.

Lexo edhe