Albania celebrates the Liberation Day 

Albania celebrates the Liberation Day 

Today, Albanians celebrate November 29, the Day of Liberation of the country from Nazi fascist invaders.

Albanian politicians celebrate the country’s Liberation Day again divided, even though November 29 is the official date of commemoration of this day.

Leftists celebrate November 28 as Independence Day and November 29 as Liberation Day, while rightists commemorate both holidays on November 28.

There is still a debate about the Liberation Day, where the right follows the same model as during its first governing mandate, when it changed the date of Liberation, from November 29 to November 28, because according to it, the latter was chosen by the communist regime by falsifying history.

But November 29 regained the status of Liberation Day when the left came to power, in the summer of 1997, when a special law made it an official holiday.

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