​The events of December 6

​The events of December 6

The Special Envoy of the European Union for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, meets with the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti. (Government Building, 09:00)

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics organizes a consultative meeting with mayors and representatives of the municipalities of Kosovo, regarding the organization and progress of the Population Census activities in Kosovo. (Hotel “International Prishtina”, time 09:00)

The meeting of the directors of the Municipality of Prizren is held. (White House, 09:00)

The meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly is held. (Assembly building, 09:30)

The “Western Balkans” EU Summit is held in Tirana. (Tirana, 09:30)

The EU Office in Kosovo organizes the discussion “Why should we focus on Green Energy?” with the students of the University of Prizren. (University of Prizren, 10:00)

The Committee for Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Culture, Youth and Sports reviews the Draft Law on Anti-Doping. (Assembly building, 10:00)

The Committee for Health and Social Welfare meets with Elvana Shala, goodwill ambassador at the International Commission for Human Rights. (Assembly building, 10:00)

The Committee for Public Administration, Local Government, Media and Regional Development examines the Draft Law for balanced regional development. (Assembly building, 10:00)

The Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) and the Kosovo Institute for Law (IKD) hold the discussion on the topic “Reform in Public Administration”. (Hotel “Sirius”, 10:00)

The Kosovar Center for Development and Advocacy launches the campaign “The right to clean air – the invisible killer NO2 -“. (Rings restaurant, 11:00)

The Committee for Health and Social Welfare holds the discussion table “Work, achievements and challenges of the Centers for Social Work”. (Assembly building, 11:00)

The Media Center holda the forum on the topic “Position and problems of minority communities in the territory of the municipality of Graçanica”. (Media Center in Çaglavicë, 11:00)

The work of art in public spaces “Never Say Never” by the artist Alban Muja is inaugurated. (“Adem Demaçi” Park, 12:00)

The University of Peja “Haxhi Zeka” organizes the Graduation Ceremony for students who graduated in the academic year 2021/2022. (Sports Gym “Karagaq”, Peja, 12:30)

Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi reports on the Franco-German dialogue and plan to the Committee for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora. (Assembly building, 13:00)

The Committee on Environment, Food, Agriculture, Planning and Development discusses proposals for an expert on the Legal Initiative for Energy Drinks. (Assembly building, 13:00)

The Kosovo Institute for Justice (IKD) publishes the reports “Government Transparency” and “Transparency in Public Enterprises”. (Hotel “Sirius”, 13:00)

The “Coding class” activity is held, which is a 1-hour introduction to computer science designed to explain “coding”, with programs for all ages because we can all code. (School “Xhemail Mustafa”, 13:00)

A solemn academy is held in “Bogdani Days” (BogdaniPolis Center, 19:00)

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