​The CDBK seeks ICMM support for major business challenges

​The CDBK seeks ICMM support for major business challenges

In order to discuss the challenges that are being faced during the exercise of their activity, businesses of the mining, minerals and quarry sector, the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo organized a joint meeting with the board of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM)

During the meeting, special emphasis was given to the challenges that businesses in this sector are facing, as a result of the moratorium imposed by the MESP and the bureaucratic procedures that businesses in the Kosovo Forest Agency are facing, which in a chain manner also affects the ICMM by making it impossible for it to operate and as a result endangering hundreds of jobs in this sector.

The President of the CDBK, Skënder Krasniqi thanked the members of the ICMM board for the meeting, emphasizing that mutual cooperation is more than necessary, in order to address with priority the demands of the business community and to reach a solution.

A greater coordination between the ICMM and the Kosovo Forest Agency was required in order to repeal harmful administrative instructions and facilitate the operation of the one of the most influential sectors in economic development.

Some of the issues that were raised for discussion were the double provision for recultivation of the same space – at ICMM and KFA, license extension, non-coordination of Kosovo institutions, as a result of which hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs have been blocked , where the main reason is the non-renewal of consents and contracts from the Kosovo Forest Agency and consents and environmental permits from MESP, as a result of which the ICMM has been blocked.

ICMM Board Chair, Selvete Grajqevci Pllana mentioned the challenges that this institution has faced after the imposition of the moratorium by the Ministry of Environment, saying that the main focus of the ICMM is to help businesses and continuous cooperation until the achievement of solving problems for businesses and improving the infrastructure of doing business in the country.

Businesses participating in the meeting had the opportunity to discuss with ICMM board members the challenges they are facing, highlighting the lack of renewal of licenses, as a result of lack of environmental permits, impossibility of expanding working space, confusion of existing businesses caused by the moratorium, the closure of businesses, the importance of intensifying inter-institutional meetings in order for the latter to be more coordinated, delays in responding to cases, bank guarantees and unfair competition.

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