​The cancellation of the Sunny Hill festival, Rama blames the Kurti Government

​The cancellation of the Sunny Hill festival, Rama blames the Kurti Government

The mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, reacted after the cancellation of the Sunny Hill festival, saying that the main culprit is the Government of Kosovo. The festival, scheduled to be held in Pristina, will be hel in Tirana, as the Ministry of Local Government Administration has not returned the final answer to the organizers for the allocation of land for use.

In his reaction, the mayor of the capital said that such a decision, caused entirely by the procrastination of the Government, will cause harm to the capital in culture, tourism, economic development and the overall image.

“I received with great regret the news that the prestigious Festival, Sunny Hill, this year, will not be held in Pristina. The cancellation of this festival this year is a loss not only for Pristina, but for all of Kosovo.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, by delaying the legality decision process, has attempted to interfere in the will and integrity of the majority assembly members of the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina, making continuous efforts to interfere in the competencies of the Municipal Assembly and the will of the majority which represents the sovereignty of the capital.

We expect the Government to reflect and the Sunny Hill Festival, to return to Prishtina, with dignity, as every citizen of the capital deserves “, Rama wrote.

In an official announcement on Facebook, the organizers say that the date of the festival has not changed and that it will be held from 4 to 7 August.

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