Politics reacts to the decision on Klan Kosova

Politics reacts to the decision on Klan Kosova

Politics has reacted to the recent decision of the Ministry of Industry, Enterprise, and Trade to reject Klan Kosova's complaint regarding the business certificate, while the case is now expected to continue in court.

The Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Memli Krasniqi, the Government's decision to close Klan Kosova, taking away the business certificate, is unacceptable, dangerous, illegal and against every democratic value, on which the state was founded ours.

"This Government has lost its way! Out of panic, every day more and more is sinking into the mire of unworthy decisions and with dictatorial tendencies. Therefore, today, we are all united against this authoritarian decision and in defense of freedom of expression and free media.

Do not close Klan Kosova. Dictatorship does not pass!", wrote Krasniqi.

While the chairman of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), Lumir Abdixhiku, said that the closure of Klan Kosova is an attack by an authoritarian government on free speech, an attack by propaganda paranoia on democracy itself.

"This government wants a crisis. This power loves fear. In this battle, unprecedented, is not just a television. It's all media, journalists and promoters of free speech. We are all, individually and collectively. Therefore, we will all be together in this confrontation. Free speech will triumph. Politburo orders cannot defeat Kosovo's democracy. Kosovar society has also triumphed in more serious confrontations. He will overcome this too. I invite the justice bodies, the courts of the Republic, to do their duty. To protect democracy itself. Politburo order givers and executors of these orders within state institutions will be held accountable before the law sooner or later. Powers are temporary, the state remains permanent," he wrote Abdixhiku.

While the chairman of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj, said that Kosovo is not North Korea and the media are not closed in a European country.

"The sun cannot be covered with a sieve, Albin Kurti. The media are not closed in a European country! We are not North Korea! Therefore, give up this crazy decision and let Klan Kosova do its job! Go out, apologize to the people of Kosovo Klan journalists and save some face!", wrote Haradinaj. 

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