​Police officers, endangered at work and without life and health insurance

​Police officers, endangered at work and without life and health insurance

Police officers are attacked and injured at work but they have to do the treatment with their own money. However, the court and the prosecution are not acting strongly and with a greater dynamic towards the attackers.

This is what the chairman of the Kosovo Police Union, Imri Zeqiri, said in an interview for KosovaPress, according to which there are 21 police officers killed while performing their duties, hundreds of injured police officers, about 300 police officers that got ill while performing their official duties, and police officers with chronic diseases. And that’s why it’s vital to get life and health insurance.

“I hope that this government will do something, will do something to put this law on the agenda and draft a law on life and health insurance. It is extremely necessary and reasonable, especially for the Kosovo Police, their work is very specific and with a very high risk for their lives and health. An attacked and injured police officer must pay himself for all the the expenses for the recovery… 21 police officers have been killed while performing their duties, then we have hundreds of injured police officers, about 300 police officers who got ill while performing official duties, and we have around 300 police officers who have died while performing official duties, we have officers with chronic diseases and that is why it is necessary and vital, and in this regard I call on the government to put life and health insurance for the Kosovo Police on the agenda, this year

Zeqiri says for KosovaPress, that the police officers are facing great risks and for this they have deserved to be rewarded by the state.

“I think that this salary remuneration, of an equivalent salary, has been a very modest request compared to other requests. We held an official meeting and during the meeting we agreed on most of the requests that the Kosovo Police has, specifically our union, the police union. Among other things, there was a request for a year-end bonus for all employees. We have sent a written request to Minister Sveçla and we have accurate information that the Minister has forwarded our request to the Ministry of Finance, but that neither he has received a response nor we have received a response. And here was the resentment, why at least we did not receive a response from the Government, a justification, what is the reason that this payment was not made”, he said.

On the other hand, Zeqiri adds that they are being unjustly accused in relation to the treatment of domestic violence cases.

“We were sorry about the murder that took place in Llausha of Skenderaj, but I say it with 100% certainty, it wasn’t the fault of the police. The police have intervened, responded to the case and carried out all procedures in the competence of the police, based on the law and police authorizations. The victim of the case was taken, the suspect was also treated … The Kosovo Police has the right to detain a person for interview for six hours, after six hours it is in the competence of the prosecutor if he sends him to detention for 48 hours, without the decision of the prosecutor we can’t hand him over, and let the public know that the prosecutor is the one who leads the investigation in all cases, the police perform their duties based on the orders of the prosecutor”, he said.

He even demands tougher sentences for assailants against police officers.

“All perpetrators should be punished according to the law, neither more nor less, and I think it would be a precaution to prevent attacks on police officers. Otherwise, as long as the perpetrators of these acts, the attackers, the suspects who attack the Kosovo Police, if they go with milder sentences or I say there is tolerance, then they will get stronger and the attacks on the Kosovo Police will never stop. I do not want to accuse either the prosecution nor the court in that aspect that they are not acting at all, but I think that they should act more forcefully, with a greater dynamic and implement the laws that are in force and all those who attack the police to be punished”, he said.

Zeqiri says that he will present all these requests in a meeting with Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

Meanwhile, it reports that since the beginning of the pandemic in Kosovo, 2210 police officers have been infected and there are currently 40 police officers with COVID-19.

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