​Minister Hajdari: We are working for our products to be present in the country and the EU

​Minister Hajdari: We are working for our products to be present in the country and the EU

The factory for the production of paints “Relux”, today exported eleven trucks of paints and facades to France, all these products are produced in Kosovo. “Relux” SH.P.K. has been involved in the production of paints since 2010 and deals with the production of all types of paints and facades, while it has long been exporting to countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The owner of the company “Relux”, Ramiz Gashi, said that since last year they have started exporting to France, while today he has received an order from Croatia.

On the occasion of this significant activity not only for the company but also for the economy of Kosovo in general, the Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Rozeta Hajdari, was present.

Minister Hajdari said that they are trying to work more for local producers and processors through the ministry she leads, but also for the local market so that our products are present in the country and the EU.

On the other hand, Minister Hajdari expressed gratitude for the business, considering that the various entrepreneurs are a very good image for the Republic.

While, the Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Doing Busines in Kosovo (CDBK), Skënder Krasniqi, congratulated the factory “Relux” LLC, for the seriousness shown over the years, which thanks to tireless work and continuous commitment have managed to be the leader of sector.

According to Krasniqi, this is just a step towards success for local products, adding that he strongly believes that the quality of local products will make the level of exports increase continuously.

Krasniqi asked Minister Hajdari that exporters of local products be subsidized with 10% in exports, in order to be more competitive in European and world markets, as well as to increase employment and exports of Kosovo, a request that CDBK has made for years.

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