​KEDS workers on strike again, warn of more radical measures

​KEDS workers on strike again, warn of more radical measures

KEDS workers have been on a two-hour strike today, demanding a 100-euro pay rise. They say that they are being ignored by the management of KEDS, while after tomorrow’s strike they have announced more radical measures.

KEDS workers chanting “We want salaries”, and with banners “We are on strike”, for the second day in a row held a strike in front of the building of this company.

The spokesman of the KEDS Workers’ Union, Ahmet Mujeci told KosovaPress that Friday is the last day of the strike and if the demands of the workers are not met by the management, they will take other more radical measures.

According to Mujec, all the workers are professionally certified for the work they do and if they do not increase their salaries, as they are asking, they will leave the country to find a better job.

The strike continues tomorrow in front of the KEDS-KESCO building.

Lexo edhe

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