​Events of May 22nd

​Events of May 22nd

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, together with civil society mark International Biodiversity Day. (National Park “Cursed Mountains”, in Rugova, 11:00)

Tributes are paid in honor of those killed, injured and survivors of the massacre in Dubrava Prison that took place 23 years ago. (Entrance to the Dubrava prison area, 11:30)

In the final of the international tournament “Lah Nimani”, organized by FboxK, will be the reception and inauguration of Donjeta Sadiku, who has made history by becoming the world bronze champion at the World Senior Championship held in Istanbul, Turkey. (Sports Gym “October 1”, 12:00)

The MCC delegation from Washington, led by Alicia Phillips Mandaville, visits a family in Prishtina, in their apartment, to take a closer look at the current heating system, beneficiaries of Prishtina HeatSave. (Sunny Hill, East Zone, 11/4, Prishtina, 15:30)

The Municipality of Prishtina organizes various activities, where the citizens of Prishtina will be informed about the Prishtina HeatSave project, which aims to modernize the heating system, as well as the installation of sophisticated heat metering equipment in their homes. This visit, in addition to the delegation from Washington, will be attended by the Mayor of Pristina, Përparim Rama. (Mother Teresa Square, 16:45)

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