​Events of June 27th

​Events of June 27th

The final event of the project “Education for All” is held within the organization “People in Need”. (Hotel “Sirius”, Prishtina, 09: 30-12: 00)

The Association of Psychiatrists of Kosovo in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo and the NGO Labyrinthi, organizes a round table for the World Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking. (NIPHK Hall, Prishtina, 10: 00-12: 00)

The Directorate for Social Welfare of the Municipality of Prishtina organizes an information session for direct social service providers. (Old building of the Municipality of Prishtina, Municipal Assembly Hall, 10: 00-12: 00)

The mayor of Podujeva Shpejtim Bulliqi holds a public meeting with citizens. (New building of the Municipality, ground floor, Assembly Hall, Podujeva, 10:00)

The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo holds a press conference. (Courtyard of the Assembly of Kosovo,  11:00)

The Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture ACDC holds its fourth public meeting with city institutions. (Facilities of ACDC North Mitrovica, 11: 00-13: 30)

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