​Events of January 17th

​Events of January 17th

The Committee on Legislation holds a public hearing on the Draft Code of Criminal Procedure and the Draft Law on International Legal Cooperation in Civil Matters. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-506, 09:00)

The Mayor of Prizren, Shaqir Totaj, holds a meeting with the directors of municipal directorates.

(Mayor’s office, 09:00)

The Presidency of the Assembly of Kosovo holds its next meeting. (Assembly of Kosovo, room C-301, 11:00)

The Democratic Institute of Kosovo holds a roundtable on “Expenditure of public money in the category of subsidies and capital investments during the governing mandate 2018-2021.” (Hotel “Sirius” Prishtina,  11:00)

The Social Democratic Party will hold a press conference regarding the draft law on inspections proposed by the Government of Kosovo. (PSD, Bajram Kelmendi Street, 4 Llullat, Prishtina, 13:00)

The “Flame of January” academy is held. (City Theater, Gjilan, 17:00)

The collective exhibition of Visual Art opens. (City Gallery, Gjilan, 19:00)

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