​Bomb threats in 30 schools, some of them false alarms

​Bomb threats in 30 schools, some of them false alarms

In the early morning hours, Kosovo Police received information from the staff of some schools about threats with explosives, bombs, in some school buildings, located mainly in areas inhabited by Serbs.

Based on the information so far, these threats have been made in different regions, so far in about 30 locations, which threats have been received in electronic form and by phone.

“Up to this stage, the Kosovo Police has managed to address and verify some of the school facilities, which have turned out to be false threats, so we call on citizens not to create any panic, as the Kosovo Police is present and engaged in the treatment, investigation and provision of security in all locations in the country”, it is said in the police announcement.

Referring to the received information, the Kosovo Police said that it has immediately taken all necessary measures and police actions in order to handle and investigate these cases, engaging relevant police units, including those for the treatment of explosives and the (K -9) unit.

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