​​UCCK: No more waiting list for arterio-venous fistulas

​​UCCK: No more waiting list for arterio-venous fistulas

In the Vascular Surgery Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, the waiting list for the placement of arterio-venous fistula, through which the Dialysis process can be performed, has been removed.

The arterio-venous fistula serves instead of the temporary catheter that is used at the beginning of the dialysis process, until the fistula develops.

Also, the number of operations on enlarged veins has increased by 100%, compared to last year, including operations with sophisticated Radio-frequency equipment.

During the entire year 2021, about 200 vein operations were performed, while only in the first six months of 2022, 200 such operations were performed, announced by UCCK.

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